Data Logging and Analysis with Tecap


Tecap provides such a tool for simple online overview. This tool is useful to analyse the stability of the developed test program. It is easily to recognize if the program shows the expected repetitive accuracy.

Long term data recording FIRST PASS YIELD

Tecap is storing the results into the local data base. This gives the user the possibility to show online the results from the past with the current ones.

Numerical statistics

Document with Tecap the process quality and your measering tool capablity. Use these functions and Tecap tools for your acceptance procedure and check with the MSA1 + 3 your production capability of your test program and test system.

PDF-Document – Results

Tecap provides a pdf. document for each single device tested. This document can be designed by the user for his own purposes.

Excel Log

Besides the local data base Tecap provides a certain number of Excel format templates for dat analysis. Those template can be selected for the project in Tecap dialog.

Tecap window Station

If the information is sufficient to sort good or fail parts, the Tecap window "Station" can be used. The number of test is counted and as well as the good and failed parts are and the first pass yield is shown.

Automated Test with Passion.