Software Updates and Support

Our software solutions can be supplemented with a Software Update and Support Agreement (SUS) on purchase of a license. With this service, we respond to the needs and desires of our customers who view such a service contract as basis for smooth operation of the software and the protection and maintenance of their investment.

Only with a valid SUS agreement we can ensure continued user support and provision of software updates on best possible level.

The SUS agreement is a complete package our customers choose mainly for the following reasons:

Access to new features, updates, enhancements and bug fixes

Our software products are continuously improved and optimized, several times a year. During the duration of the contract you may upgrade to all released software versions permanently at no additional cost.

  • Newly added and improved features extend the capabilities of our software.
  • To support adaptation to new technologies and Windows operating systems and to ensure compatibility with this.
  • Bug fixes and general improvements.

Is there a valid SUS contract for your MTQ software, you automatically receive instant access to the latest product versions and updates as well as other optimizations and bug fixes.

You can immeadiately and directly access new functionalities that continuously improve the way you work.

Complete user support

We are aware that the introduction of new software systems or technologies in companies involve some challenges.

In order to move forward on this path best possible and resolve delays and difficulties immediately or even completely avoid them, we support you with our extensive support via e-mail, web support center and telephone.

Your request will be investigated as soon as possible by our helpful and competent support staff.

Your satisfaction with our software solution is important to us and is our greatest ambition!

We help you with any questions, whether specifically or generally, and ensure that your use of the software runs smoothly and successfully.

This service is included. There will be no additional cost to you.

Protection of your investment

The SUS contract costs little and offers a lot: It offers you the certainty that the investment your company made into the software solution will continuously be kept modern and at substantial value.

With an active SUS contract you keep your software solution updated at lowest possible cost.

Our products are regularly updated to take account of new requirements and technologies.

A SUS contract also provides you the assurance that you can count on our expert help when difficulties or problems arise and thus you can always achieve the best possible results.


The following documents contain our detailled provisions:

Software Update and Support Agreement (SUS)

Software License Agreement for Tecap ATP 2019

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