On this page, you can approach various types of the appropriate licensing form for Tecap Automated Test Platform:

  • What types of licenses are there?
  • How can the platform applications be licensed?
  • What is best for my scenario?

The Tecap Automated Test Platform provides applications for the various tasks in the testing process, through which the functions of the platform are made available to the user. Always the entire Tecap Platform is installed, allowing any application to be used immediately.

Which licenses are there?

Test Station (Single)

Station licenses apply to single, named test stations and activate the following platform applications:

Functionality is unlocked depending on the license edition.

Test Floor Licenses (Network/Hybrid)

Test Floor Network Licences are "floating" licenses. They are issued to stations by our License Server (Windows Service).

For the operation of these licenses we provide our license server software inclusive.

Additional Programs


Single User

Single Test Station

Operation of one or more decentralized, single named test stations, e.g. with itself and with suppliers.

All Floating Network

Test Floor with several, arbitrary production testers

Operation of several, possibly changing, networked test stations in production and development with a team of test engineers and operators.

This is the most flexible licensing.

Network/Local Hybrid

Test Floor with several, fixed production testers

Operation of several fixed test stations in production and development with a team of test engineers and operators.

Applications of Tecap Automated Test Platform

Following platform applications exist:

Development Environment

Test Engineer

Test Engineer is an extensive development studio with which all engineering tasks can be done professionally. With this application you develop test projects, configure test systems and program test programs. Completed test programs are released and managed for productive operation. Switching to production view is possible to develop, debug, and commission integration with the manufacturing environment.

Productive Test Operation

Test Operator

Test Operator provides a reduced operator view for test operations in production, based on your specfic solution. Essentially, this involves automatic and / or operator-controlled loading and execution of test programs and the operation of the test operation (setup processes, operator interface).

View and analyze test data

Result Analyst

Result Analyst provides many views and evaluations of the test data stored in the SQL database, e.g. yield, frequencies, cpk and cgm, etc.

Design Test Programs

Test Planner

Test Planner allows to edit test plans as a stand-alone application, for which a simple license is sufficient. The same test plan features are also included in Test Engineer.

General information about licensing

License Options

We are sure that we can offer you a suitable licensing for Tecap Automated Test Platform.

Test Station License

Test Station licenses activate one or more platform applications needed to run a test station. This is ideal for a single test system or when few people are accessing and using Tecap platform applications.

A Test Station license allows the use of these platform applications on one computer. The license key of a Test Station license is tied to the specific computer of the test station.

Test Floor License

Test Floor licenses are "floating" network licenses. They are ideal for organizations that maintain a test floor with a team of employees and use multiple, potentially changing, productive test stations.

The license keys contain the ordered number of simultaneous seats. The license key is added via the license server manager to the central license pool in the license server. On the client computer, configure the license server as the source of the license.

The central license pool can be extended at any time. Newly purchased license keys are added to the license pool, giving more seats for more concurrent workstations and test systems. The license key of a network license is tied to the license server.

Additional Program Licenses

The additional platform applications can be licensed by single user licenses. The license key of a single user license is tied to a specific computer.

Your investment protection

You have purchased Test Station Licenses and would like to upgrade your setup to Test Floor Network Licenses for further growth?

That's very easy with us!

In addition, with a software update and support agreement, you have the option of permanently updating to any new version of the Tecap Automated Test Platform and receiving support.

Floating License

License Server Software

Using network licenses requires you to install our license server software which we free of charge.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10/8/7, Server 2016/2012/2008
  • Microsoft NET4.5.2
  • Opening Port 50000 in Firewall (if using standard port)

USB Dongle

You can also get a USB stick to use Testfloor Team licenses.

This means that you can use the license on all computers regardless of the network infrastructure.

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