Tecap Automated Test Platform 2020

Based on the Tecap Automated Test Platform, the right platform application and features that address certain scenarios are available for the different task areas.

Platform Apps

  • Test Engineer
    Project configuration and program development, debugging, analysis, etc.
  • Test Operator
    Test operation in production
  • Result Analyst
    Insights into result and analysis
  • Test Planner
    Editing test plans withouth engineering license

Instruments Pack

The instrument library with popular manufacturers contains several hundred ready-to-use devices and is constantly being expanded.

Features für die Datenerfassung und -analyse

To draw conclusions from the test data, which are more than pass/fail, there are numerous evaluation functions in the Result Analyst.

Features für den Halbleitertest

The Tecap Platform offers plug-in interfaces for connecting wafer probes.

Configuration of wafer maps and binning are just as much a part of the repertoire as sampling tests and STDF data logging.

Automotive * Consumer * Semiconductors * EMS * Medical * Aerospace * Power * Sensors * Industrial

Automated Test with Passion.